Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beam Me Up!*

I finished Pair #3 of 2012, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

These are Cotty socks designed by Irishgirlieknits in STR Mediumweight, colorway Scottish Highlands. This is one of the first skeins of STR I bought for myself (two years ago in April 2010!) and I'm so pleased with how it knit up. I really enjoyed this pattern. It's simple and pretty, with nice easy lace and a lovely picot hem. I highly recommend it!

I modified them slightly to decrease the stitch count after the cuff, you can see where the spirals changed to stripes. They fit well, but next time I'd probably just knit them in STR LW or Bugga since I like the original cast on number just fine in those yarns and I wouldn't need to change the stitch count. The photos are a little washed out because they were taken in pre-dawn light because that's how dedicated I am to photo-documenting my knitting! (Haha, sad, right?) But really, who wouldn't be posing near the window before work at 6:30am (bent double trying to catch the meager light at just the right angle) with socks as snazzy as these? :)

* I named this project Scotty, because Scottish Highlands + Cotty Socks = Scotty. Superclever!!!


  1. I was in Scotland last summer, and that colorway is very accurate. I love the pattern too btw, I think it made you a pair of beautiful socks.

    1. Thank you! I am super jealous that you've been to Scotland. It's near the top of my pie-in-the-sky travel wishlist.


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