If you are interested in owning a unique, handknit item and don't have the time/energy/willingness/knowledge/desire to make it yourself, you've come to the right place! I would be happy to discuss knitting the item for you on commission. I will soon be setting up an Etsy shop but for now you can contact me at shoelaceswitcher at gmail dot com for more information.(Alternatively, if you are a yarn company and would like a particular item designed specifically for your yarn, I would love to work with you, as well!)

Some of my designs.
 I specialize in accessories: hats, headbands, earwarmers, cuffs, fingerless mitts, mittens, scarves, cowls, shawls, baby knits, and socks. Adult sweaters, blankets, and other large garments are not currently in my repertoire, as they are hugely time consuming and I do work a full-time job! (This category encompasses horse blankets and truck cozies, as a few of my family members have so hilariously requested in the past!) However, anything else is pretty much fair game so please feel free to ask.

For some examples of the kinds of things I can make for you, please see my design page or my 200+ projects on Ravelry. Please note that due to designers' copyright I will not sell an item knit from another designer's pattern; however, it is possible that I could come up with something for you myself that will have a similar look.

If there is a particular item you have in mind we will discuss what you are thinking and the probable price range. I charge by the yardage of yarn required to knit the item plus the price of the yarn. I will source a few suitable yarn options for the item you'd like at different price points and have you choose your favorite. As a spinner, I pay particular attention to fiber content and yarn structure to ensure that the yarn will produce the best fabric possible for the item you would like made. I will include detailed care instructions with the finished item, as well, and knit it to your specific measurements where appropriate.

Turnaround time will be variable, depending on the item and my overall workload. In general, it is best to contact me far in advance of when you would need the item to allow ample time to finish if there is a strict deadline as most of my knitting time occurs on the weekends. I will, of course, do my best do finish the item as quickly as possible and will be upfront about whether or not a particular timeframe is reasonable.

When in doubt about anything, please ask, and I look forward to hearing from you!


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