Fiber and Knitterly Goals 2013

I believe that goals are good things and that lists are even better, so here's a list of my designing, knitting, and spinning goals for 2013. I will link to the triumphant blog posts as I finish them. 

Design goals:

    • publish a Malabrigo Quickie--DONE!
    • publish a design with Cephalopod Yarns (in progress)
    • publish a design with KnitPicks
    • publish in an online or print magazine
    • finish and publish 4 more socks for my How I Met Your Mother series (2 in progress)
    • design a shawl 
    • finish mitten design
Non-Design Knitting goals:
    • finish 50 projects this year (17 complete so far)
    • finish (or frog) all of my ancient WIPs (see below)
    • finish my First Garment vest (in progress)
    • finish 13 SG/VG/CY projects in 2013 (4 complete so far)
    • work on my (long neglected) sock yarn opus
    • knit a pair of toe-up socks
    • knit a pair of colorwork socks 
    • knit a pair of socks from handspun yarn
Spinning goals:
    • spin a truly worsted-style skein using combed prep and short forward draw
    • spin a truly woolen-style skein using carded prep and long draw--DONE!
    • spin a skein of 3-ply sock yarn
    • spin a skein of laceweight 2-ply on my spindle

Ancient WIPs to finish or frog this year:
Blue Blanket (blanket)
Blue Hemlock (blanket)
Magnificent Mittens  (mittens)
Mawata Mittens  (mittens)
Steel Flint (mittens)
Snazzy Stripes (scarf)
Quicksilver  (stole) 
Beautiful Briny Sea   (shawl)
Figgy Dog Days  (shawl)
Project Limulus  (shawl)
Snowy Sunset  (shawl)
Canopy Dew (socks)
Lunacy! (socks)
Froot Loops (socks)
Silk Lace Lenores (socks)
Sweet Tarts (socks)
Simple Seaside Stripes (socks)
Sweetheart Socks (socks)

Some queued patterns that I'd like to get to sooner than later:
Chrysanthemum frutescens hat
Cedar Grove shawl
Honey cowl 
Magrathea shawl
Marigold shawl
Colonnade Shawl
Afshari socks 
Linaria bipartita socks 
Strago socks
Darjeeling socks


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