Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Sock Situation

Alright, photographic evidence of my socks-in-progress delinquency:
SIPs of shame
There had been more, many more, but I frogged a few that I knew I would never finish. These are the 7 pairs that I will finish in 2012, in addition to the 17 new pairs I would like to knit from start to finish this year. It sounds like a lot, but I know I can be a speedy knitter when I focus, and since I'll be unemployed shortly, I anticipate an increase in my standard amount of free time.

These socks all stalled due to a few reasons: a fussy pattern and lack of time (top left pair and top right pairs), a dislike of the needles (top middle, bottom green, and bottom right), or a dislike of either the yarn base or yarn color (bottom left, bottom pink, and bottom right). However, I will overcome these silly little obstacles, because all of the knitting pictured above could've been 4 finished pairs by this point!

I added a sock ticker to the top of the blog to keep me honest. The one pair I finished are the ribby holiday socks I discussed yesterday, but I can't show them to you because I left half the pair in my office desk. They were great work-knitting socks because they were mostly plain. My next work-knitting pair will be the Cotty socks I discussed earlier. I decided to change my January sock knitting goals back to what they were originally (my goals, my rules!) which are as follows:

  1. finish X-mas Rocks socks (DONE!)
  2. finish South Fork socks (60% done)
  3. start Blathnat socks start (and finish?) Cotty socks
  4. start secret Valentine's Day socks
I would love to both start and finish my Cotty socks in the remaining 2 weeks of the month, but that might be delusional. We'll see, sock hope springs eternal!


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