Saturday, December 15, 2012

IS#3: Holiday Cheer

This Inspiration Saturday post is coming to you a bit later in the day due an enjoyable company holiday party that went pretty late last night. To continue with the holiday theme, I thought I'd post some really neat yarn-related wreaths I've been seeing around the internet (thank you, Pinterest).

Style 1: Embellished, yarn-wrapped tubes
Image from Design Apothecary blog, wreaths sold on Etsy (follow links in blog).
This style of wreath seems to be the simplest to make. From what I understand, you purchase a wreath-shaped bit of styrofoam and wrap yarn around it until it's completely covered. Then you embellish it with festive things that you either purchase or create, like pom-poms or felt flowers. I'm particularly in love with #2 above. I like the effect of that teal yarn over the white. You can get even more creative with the wrapping part, like this one:
Image from Homemaking Honey blog.
I adore the felted diamonds, such a great argyle effect!

Style 2: Yarn balls and ornaments
Image from Recaptured Charm, with a tutorial!
This style seems like it involves more supplies and might take a bit more time, each of those yarn balls consists of yarn wrapped around a styrofoam ball and then glued into place on a wire wreath form, but it creates such a wonderful Christmas-y effect that it just might be worth the effort.

Style #3: Handknit holiday wreath:
Image from True Brit Knits blog.
This is the Hampstead Wreath, which is a pattern being offered for charity to help CityMeals NY with Hurricane Sandy relief (until 1/1/13). There are some really great ones on Ravelry to check out. The body of the wreath is knit and sewn together over foam pipe lagging, then pom-pomed like crazy. It's knit with super bulky yarn so I bet it's a pretty quick project.

To see more wreaths, this Pinterest poster has a whole boatload of yarn wreaths on her board for all sorts of holidays. Also, this blog has a few I really like posted. Finally, the Mommy Loves Coffee blog has a good tutorial showing the materials she used to make her yarn wreath, including a pom-pom tutorial.

What's been inspiring you lately? Link your blog below to join in and share!


  1. I don't think I've ever seen a knitted wreath. What a neat idea. (And I'm starting to wonder why I'd never seen one before.)

  2. Ohh I never actually thought about a yarn/knitted wreath. Thank you so much for sharing! I may have to make an IS post tonight, because I have some ornaments I want to make (but no photos or nothing done yet). We'll see. Happy Saturday!

  3. I've also never seen projects like that before, very cool!

    1. They were all over Pinterest this year, it's a fun trend.

  4. These are awesome! I wanted to do a wreath this year but had no idea where to start, I am ashamed to say a yarn/knit style one never occurred to me! Next year!

  5. How cool!! I've seen the yarn-wrapped wreaths before, but never a full-out knitted one. Love how the pompoms make it look so cute and fun. :) Thanks for sharing!

  6. I made a yarn wreath this year after seeing hundreds of pictures on pinterest. I love it but I'm kind of regretting not having knitted one - the cables look beautiful and it would've been much more fun than spending over an hour just wrapping yarn around and around and around ;)


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