Friday, January 18, 2013

Secret FO Friday

This is all a bit of a tease, but I have four finished objects this month so far and I can't really show you any of them! They are all for designs but at least one of them will be released shortly. Secret FOs 1 & 2 are for the Afghans for Afghans e-book that Cephalopod Yarns is putting together. I'm not sure about the publication date yet but once I know it, you'll hear about it, because it's going to be a fantastic collection!

Secret FO #3 is my newest design, to be released on the 22nd as a Malabrigo Quickie pattern!
And secret FO #4 is another version of my new pattern, in a different size. I don't have a photo of the FO yet but I can show you what I used to knit it with:
Malabrigo Yarns Twist, colorway Teal Feather and handspun
I used a bit of my first wheel-spun handspun for the contrast color, which I don't think I've shown here yet either:
Handspun 2-ply Merino wool
This was spun from fiber that came with my wheel, I think it is Merino but I can't be sure. I spun two singles semi-woolen (unknowingly on different sized bobbins, with screwed with my tension) and then plied them together. The resulting skein is perfectly fuzzy and lightweight with great bounce. The yarn is quite thick-and-think but it it's roughly the same thickness as the Twist in most places so it worked well in the design, though it only used a little bit so I'll have to figure out what to do with the rest!

Also--fun fact--the photoshoot for the new pattern took place here:
Rhode Island kinda rocks.
Spending a gloriously foggy and freakishly warm winter day on the beach taking photos of knitwear was probably more fun than it should have been! We have the Fiasco to thank for being a good sport and playing along. I can't wait to show you guys the pictures!


  1. Those all sound so fun and the beach just looks like an amazing place for a photo shoot. I can't wait to see these patterns!

  2. Looking forward to seeing all the new patterns! And the handspun? Scrumptious.

  3. Your 2 ply looks fantastic! Good luck with the upcoming design releases.

  4. Can't wait to see the full pictures, at least I'm making my own #4 so I can sort of see that one ; )

  5. Sounds like you have been very busy, I look forward to seeing your designs!

  6. You have been a busy bee! I can't wait to see the whole pictures!

  7. Ahh! Teasers! :) Can't wait for the big reveal!

    Also, congrats on your first wheel-spun yarn! It looks great!


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