Friday, April 5, 2013


Last Saturday the Fiasco and I went to Woolapalooza, a little sheep festival at Drumlin Farm in Lincoln, MA. On the drive back, we visited our good friends who had recently had a sweet baby girl for whom I had been knitting many things. Between the lambs and goat kids and tiny humans, it was a veritable baby-palooza and nearly too much cute for one day. Prepare yourselves.

Favorite part of the sheep shearing was when a 7-year-old boy explained to whomever would listen: "See that pink part?         That's the penis. Or maybe it's the lady penis. I'm not sure how that works." (It was the udder!)

Clean white wool underneath.

Two lambs!

A leicester of some sort?

Don't know her breed but she sure is cute! (Romney?)

Angora bunny

Three little goat kids.

Brand new baby, the mama was still dealing with the umbilical cord!

Sunshiney snuggles

Candid shot of my Beribboned Hat and Syrinx Shells cowl in the wild!

The color markings on these goats were just lovely.

Babies and mama!

Now for a human baby (Hi, Lyra!) and mama (Hi, Bridgi!)
My, what a lovely hat you have!

Prior to this photo, the Fiasco made a crazy face that both stunned and amused the wee one.

I stole this photo straight from Bridgit's facebook because the sweater she knit to to go with Lyra's Easter dress is just too sweet not to share! 

I hope you've had your fill of adorable things today. :) You're welcome.


  1. Oh wow, such amazing photos. Such a cute baby, and those lambs. I want one!

  2. Soo cute!! Did you pat the sheep on their little puff ball heads? I love the photo of you with your pretty knits, you look gorgeous!

    1. I wanted to pet them so badly but we weren't able to. Thank you! :)


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