Saturday, July 20, 2013

IS #31: Rather Uninspired

I'm sneaking in under the wire with a rather uninspiring Inspiration Saturday post. I have a couple of friends visiting from out of town this weekend and failed to plan ahead with a post! I've had another plan-ahead-failure, too:

So close yet so far...
After requesting leftovers from fellow Rockin' Sock Club members of one of last year's club colorways (Budding Twig) for my Budding Lintilla shawl so I could make it larger, I still ran out of yarn. The pattern is an asymmetrical sideways-knit shawlette that is pretty customizable. You basically knit until you have a particular percentage of yarn left and then start the edging. While I weighed and measured, I was cutting it a bit close and using larger needles than the pattern called for, so I lost the game of yardage chicken with a mere handful of rows to go. I hate that! Such a letdown! Thankfully, knitters are nice people and Ravelers are particularly awesome so I have a few more leftovers winging my way here to save the day. Yay!

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