Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sheep Ate Marigolds

I finished handspun yarn #2!
This is 2 ounces and about 30 yards of 2-ply aran weight 100% Coopworth wool. The roving came in my "Learn to Spin" kit from Golding and was produced by Hidden Valley Farm and Woolen Mill . I really enjoyed spinning the Coopworth. It is not super soft like Merino but the fibers are lustrous and really curly. The resulting yarn has a lot of life and bounce to it and it came out much fluffier and more even than I had expected. I really like it. The colorway I received was named "Sheep Ate Marigolds" which I thought was kind of a strange name but then I thought about it harder: the yarn is mostly brown with streaks of red, yellow, and green in it.

I think my beautiful yarn was inspired by sheep poop! Gives a whole new meaning to "handspun #2"...


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