Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Creativity Totally Rulez

Now, it's probably a given that I (as a knitter, spinner, designer, poet, musician, etc...) value creativity but I tend to take it for granted as something that is just a part of daily life. However, sometimes I come across something that's so wonderfully creative and fantastic and genius that it makes me go all cheerleader-ly on the inside ("Yaaaaaay, creativity, hooooooray!") and that time is now.  
* Cue pom-poms *

This charming fellow is Jon Cozart and he is fantastic. That video is his Disney princess parody entitled "After Ever After" and it is the cleverest thing I've seen on YouTube in quite some time. He somehow manages to combine many of my favorite things -- Disney stories, a capella singing, historical commentary, witty wordplay, artful presentation, and a healthy dash of twisted humor -- into one video and totally makes it work. I'm seriously impressed. He has an equally entertaining movie villain medley as well as a fantabulous summation of the entire Harry Potter series in 99 seconds.

Seriously, guys, this kid is great. If he's not legitimately famous one day, I'll eat my yarn. I mean, I watched him rip up paper for a minute and a half (*ahem TWICE ahem*) and enjoyed it, people. No joke.

Have you had any randomly awesome internet discoveries yourself, lately?


  1. OH MY GOD! Thanks for sharing this, it was epic. :) That guy is definitely a creative genius, I love people who can do videos like that.

  2. Every once in a while a video like this comes along it just brightens my week : )


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