Monday, March 18, 2013

Phase 3: Finishing and Frogging

The third phase of Malabrigo March is when reality starts to set in a little and you take a second look at your plans. Have you finished something? Great. Are you making progress on the rest? Yes. Are there still things you need/want to cast on? Sure thing. Did you knit on this one at all? Nope-- frog.

See you later, Little Heaume hat! I still think the pattern is absolutely adorable but I was having difficulty visualizing/interpreting the next steps, which made me procrastinate working on it, and there's no time for procrastination here! So away it goes and in its stead will be a tiny, baby-sized version of my Huacaya hat pattern -- which I'm thinking will be equally adorable.

I did (mostly) finish something, though!
Malabrigo Rasta, colorway Plomo
I will do a proper FO post when the toggles I ordered arrive, but very briefly: I highly recommend this pattern (Ovate by Tori Gurbisz) -- I knit that whole thing in 2 evenings! Talk about a perfect Mal March project.

Unrelated to Malabrigo, I also finished a bit of spinning:

This is 100% Polwarth wool from Woolgatherings. It's about 4.4 oz and 214 yards of worsted-ish weight yarn spun on my Babe wheel and chain-plied to preserve color sequences. This fiber was slightly frustrating to spin, possibly a combination of short staple length and compression/stickiness from the dye job. My single kept breaking during plying, too, so the whole process felt a bit messier than usual. However, it made for a gorgeous, squishy soft finished skein that looks fairly even, so I'm happy with it, and I hope Katy is, too!

For the spinners out there: what are your thoughts on Polwarth wool?


  1. The shawl is AMAZING. I'm not a huge shawl person, but I seriously want to knit that one. Thanks for making my queue grow even more, you are such a bad influence! I like Polwarth, it is alright, I'll spin with it but it's not my favorite

  2. I've had good experiences with Polwarth. Polwarth is suppose to be a Lincoln x Merino cross, both of which are not too difficult to spin. Perhaps that fleece was a little weaker? Polwarth should have a longer staple than Merino due to the Lincoln in it. The Lincoln also gives it a little more strength.

  3. I haven't tried polwarth, so I am not sure. I really need to branch out with my spinning. Lovely shawl, I think it's the perfect quickie knit!

  4. Oh your shawl is GORGEOUS!!! Just beautiful! I'm sure your wee hat will be too!

  5. Wow, I so admire anyone that can spin! Did it take you long to learn? Your yarn looks beautiful. Such lovely colours too. :)


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