Saturday, June 29, 2013

IS #28: Fall Already?

Don't worry, folks, the summer is still just getting into a groove, but that doesn't stop Knitty from putting out its First Fall issue! It might seem a bit early but summer is actually a really good time to start planning ahead for those cooler nights and shorter days. Let's see what we can find to inspire us, yes?

Copyright Jamie Besel
I was immediately drawn to Lewis designed by Jamie Besel. I love the lace detailing and deep V of the font, that draws a lot of attention up to the face. I also really dig the shirttail hemline, haven't seen that too often, and I really really love the wide sleeves. I have a few storebought sweaters with wide elbow-length sleeves that I think are really flattering. Into the queue!

Copyright Kristine Byrnes
Sugar Stick by Kristine Byrnes is a very interesting design... exactly the sort of funky cool stuff that made Knitty famous. I'm not even entirely sure what's going on in the pattern, seems like some colorwork and some lace and some twisting before it's grafted into a cowl but it looks really neat!

Copyright Kirsten Hipsky
Finally, the Ginger + Wasabi gloves by Kirsten Hipsky use a very simple colorwork pattern to make the gloves extra thick and warm. I liked this pattern primarily for the thoughtful details that the designer described: the double thick fabric, the no-purl ribbing, the sizing information. At a quick glance, details like that tell me it's a well-written and worthwhile pattern.

Did you find anything you liked in this issue? Anything else been inspiring you lately? Link along below and let us know!



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